Partnering with Communities

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CEO Phil Baker leads hiking excursion near Hecla’s projects in NW Montana.

Hecla is committed to responsible mineral development for the benefit of our shareholders while contributing meaningfully to the development of the communities in which we conduct business. This encompasses respecting the health and safety of our employees and local communities, protecting the environment, respecting local perspectives, and developing partnerships to support the economic and social framework of our host communities.

Hecla believes that the citizens in the communities where we live and work have the right to clean air and water; therefore, Hecla commits to the safe discharge and disposal of waste. Hecla is a long-standing, important part of these areas, both as an economic contributor and through our community engagement.

Community Relations

Stamp Mill in the interactive children’s exhibit at Juneau Douglas City Museum.

Bloomsday 2019 Corporate Cup.

Hecla employees play important roles in their communities by volunteering their time – some as members of school boards, others by providing education in health and safety, coaching sports teams, promoting mining education at the local and state levels, or participating in programs with local museums to preserve mining’s rich heritage.

It’s our commitment to directly, and through our charitable foundation, provide the necessary resources to:

  • proactively participate with communities to our mutual benefit today and for future generations
  • integrate protection of employee health and safety, environmental protection, and community interests into our core business practices
  • identify and partner with local communities on mutually beneficial opportunities to enhance worker skills, education, and employment opportunities, and to support sustainable development initiatives
  • communicate openly with our employees, contractors, communities, and governments regarding our plans and programs
Economic Impact

Casa Berardi shift change.

Downtown Wallace, Idaho.

Hecla has nearly 1,700 employees with a total direct compensation of more than $50.9 million per year. In addition, more than one indirect job is created by each direct Hecla job. This leads to more than 3,300 workers in the local communities – all from our mining operations. The five-year average contribution from wages, benefits, taxes, goods and services purchased, and local donations and contributions at the Greens Creek, Casa Berardi, and Lucky Friday mines has been more than $800 million at each location.

Indigenous Peoples Partnerships

Hecla Quebec and the Gitanyow Band in upper British Columbia have entered into an exploration agreement that addresses mutual benefits from future exploration activity in the area – including employment, contracting, environment, and permitting, as well as additional considerations.

Hecla Quebec has also signed with the Abitibiwinni First Nation a Memorandum of Understanding that could guide development of a collaboration agreement.

In Nevada, we’re working with the Western Shoshone Tribe and the Te-Moak Council on a number of cultural and environmental matters, including siting and reclamation of exploration drill sites.

Our Greens Creek Mine, in partnership with the University of Alaska, hosted community workshops to educate and address questions on sustenance fisheries and the impacts of global mercury releases to the environment.

Social Contribution

Dictionaries for Kellogg School District provided by Hecla Charitable Foundation.

Every day we engage with the communities in which we operate in order to foster trust and facilitate operational transparency.

The Hecla Charitable Foundation was established in 2007 to provide grants and disburse funds for educational and charitable purposes to qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations. The foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life – and to promote the social, environmental, and economic sustainability and development – of those communities where Hecla has operations and activities. Within this overall mission, the foundation intends to focus its efforts in four areas: education, community programs, youth activities, and health services. Since 2009, the Hecla Charitable Foundation has made more than $3.3M in contributions to rural communities where we operate, primarily in Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Canada, Nevada and Montana.

Since 2011, in partnership with the University of Alaska, we’ve contributed more than $1 million toward supporting sustainable career development programs at our Greens Creek Mine in Alaska. The annual Pathway program begins with middle school tours and runs through high school with job shadowing and instruction. In 2014, we hired the first two successful certification graduates, both of whom started in our Pathway program in middle school.

Hecla Québec has partnered with the University of Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue to create the Hecla-Québec Global Development Fund (UQAT Foundation). Since 2009, $1.6 million has been donated to the fund to provide annual scholarships to students in support of work-life balance, returning to school, perseverance and success-training programs.

Application Information
Grant applicants must submit a Foundation Grant Application including a current IRS tax-exempt determination letter.

Canadian-based applicants must submit a Canadian Grant Application and the additional Appendix A or B based on their qualifications outlined in the Affidavit Packet.

Before actual submission of an application, you are strongly encouraged to contact a local Hecla employee and discuss your needs. Grant applications that are in turn recommended to the foundation by Hecla employees in the community have a greater chance of success. Grant applications should be submitted well in advance of funding needs, as there will only be two application review intervals during the year.

Hecla Charitable Foundation Contact
Jeanne DuPont, corporate communications coordinator
Hecla Charitable Foundation
6500 North Mineral Drive, Suite 200, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815-9408
208.769.4177 (phone)
208.769.7612 (fax)


Casa Berardi was honored by the Abitibi-Ouest Chamber of Commerce with the 2016 Excell’Or trophy for economic contribution and sustainable development.